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Smart Class

The importance of a classroom in a student’s life. Our classrooms help create an inviting and a nurturing learning environment. Everything within the classroom is curriculum focused. This include furniture, teaching aids,smart boards,wall decoration and even what can found on a teacher’s desk. Smart boards installed in each and every classroom to make the teaching and training sessions more interactive, illustrative and interesting.

Features of Smart Class rooms

  • Descriptive text incorporating images, videos, facts, figures and data related to the lesson.
  • Course covered under various boards merging the necessary information according to the competitive exams and future educational requirements of the student.
  • Activities after every lesson which enables student to develop high order thinking skills and make their base strong.
  • Smart boards are integrated with internet facilitating the teacher to incorporate scientific experiments and mathematical problems.
  • Supports built in maps bringing the world at fingertips.
  • Highly integrated English tools empowering tutor to build rich vocabulary and strengthen grammar skills.
  • Incorporates a tool which equips tutor to prepare lessons at home and present the same in the class.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Hygiene and Sanitation must be taken care of for balanced upbringing. Classrooms, corridors, and washrooms are cleaned regularly. Aromatic and antiseptic liquid is used and school premises are maintained according to the international norms. Students are given time to time guidance for proper usage of washrooms and maintenance of cleanliness standards. RO water is provided in disposables.

Computer Lab

In modern fast moving world, where world is computer centered, it is of utmost importance to train students to become computer-friendly. And so, the school provides all necessary equipments and competent teachers to nurture the students with computing skills. They are made familiar with software packages used in modern business applications and programming skills are given appropriate focus. Students have supervised access to the internet. Since 1:1 ratio is maintained in practical sessions, students get to learn faster and in a better way.

Language Lab

School has highly interactive Language Lab which contributes in development of all the four language skills of students; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Academics integrated with present day language requirements is the key feature. With the availability of education being imparted through audio-visual tools, every learner, be it visual or audio learner can grasp the concepts and perform excellently.


A well-lit and resourced library containing a comprehensive collection of books and resource material is at the disposal of students under experienced librarian assisting the pupils.

The advanced digital library and e-library sections is the response to need of the times expanding the horizons of all learning beyond limits. Teachers also have the access to online encyclopedias and reference materials to enhance teaching methodology and obtain maximum output.

Science Lab & mathematics Lab

Our Lab provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments and measurement can be performed under the supervision of experts.


The school has appointed alert and responsible guards at the gate to screen the visitors and restrict the entry of unwanted people. Apart from the driver and conductor, a care taker is sent in every bus for safety and security. The school is entirely covered under CCTV cameras to monitor the activities and behavior of people.

Anyone residing in school is not allowed to move out at will. Not even parents are allowed to take children home until the gate passes are issued to them.

The construction, the furniture design, toxin free equipment’s, apparatus, swings, toys and games etc. are designed according to the safety norms ensuring full-fledged security of the child.

AV Room

The school has a fully equipped Audio Visual room to supplement theoretical instruction at the Primary and Secondary level. Students have access to facts in a more interesting manner through presentations.

The teachers are able to disseminate knowledge via documentaries, videos and talks of eminent personalities.

The Instrumental & Vocal Music Rooms

The instrumental music rooms at the Primary sections aim at developing the musical abilities of the students by providing them with various instruments like tabla, sitar, keyboard, violin, guitar and harmonium. They also get opportunity to create good musical compositions, and present them in various functions conducted in the school.

They are taught the nuances of Indian classical and semi classical music, devotional, folk and patriotic songs. School participates in various inter school competition and students also won the prizes in the same.