Rules & Regulation

Absence without sanctioned leave is seriously viewed ,and in case of ten consecutive days of absence, the name of the pupil shall be struck off from the school rolls. He/She would be re-admitted only after he/she has paid all the dues with fresh admission fee, and that too at the discretion of the Principal. For leave or absence, a letter must be sent by the parent and also a note made in the school diary. All students are expected to attend class on the Opening Day after each vacation and on the Closing Day before the vacations.

Student with an attendance of 75% or more is entitled to give CBSE examination.

Absence because of sickness must be supported with a medical certificate. Students attending the school after suffering from an infectious disease such as measles, chicken pox, cholera, mumps, whooping cough etc. must produce a fitness certificate from an authorised doctor.

  • Chicken pox - Till complete falling of scabs.
  • Cholera - Till the child is completely well.
  • Measles - Two weeks after the rash disappears.
  • Mumps - until the swelling has gone (about a month)
  • Whooping cough - six weeks.

The school doctor's opinion is to be respected.

In order to inculcate moral values in the students, each working day of the school starts with morning assembly, with the recitation of some Vedic Mantras, Devotional and Patriotic songs and the thought of the day. The students get introduced to the rich spiritual heritage of Indian Philosophy, which transcends the narrow limits of caste, colour, language and creed. Short talks are given by students and guests on a variety of subjects such as good manners, hygienic habits, important events of day-to-day life and great people’s lives. The National Anthem marks the end of the days assembly.


  • Should arrive at the school at least 5 minutes before the bell.
  • Come to school in a neat, clean and proper uniform and with the shoes well polished.
  • Be regular in attendance.
  • Attend assembly without fail.
  • Have a sportsman - spirit at all times, be fair and honest at work and always be considerate towards the rights of others.
  • Be courteous and respectful to parents, teachers and visitors.
  • Look after and protect the property of the school, keep it clean and tidy.
  • Keep the classroom neat and throw waste papers / wrappers, etc. in the dustbin.
  • Reach the class room as soon as the warning bell goes or the recess is over.
  • The children may wear party dress, if they so desire on their birthdays. They may distribute wafer biscuits, but no sweets or gifts can be distributed.


  • Bring articles of value such as rings or other pieces of jewellery or money to the school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of such articles.
  • Shout or make noise or whistle in the school building or create a commotion in the auditorium or class room.
  • Come out of the class without the class-pass.
  • Throw bits of chalk on others or tease fellow students. This is strictly forbidden.


Parent Teacher's Meetings are arranged with prior information to the students wherein the parents can discuss the progress and performance of their ward.

Otherwise the parents can meet the class teacher with the permission of the Principal with prior appointment only. You are requested to kindly adhere to the visiting hours to avoid disappointment and maintain discipline.


Parents at DAV Public School, Gandhidham are considered "Partners in Education". As such, parents retain the right and duties in the education of their children, though they delegate them in part to the school. The collaboration of the parents is essential in the work of education carried on in the school. Ordinarily communications with parents are carried out through the circulars issued to the whole school, section of the school or classes and through the school diary. These should be carefully read and the instructions duly followed. All communication with the school should be addressed to the Principal, and preferably through the diary.


  • By urging the pupils to be regular and punctual in attendance.
  • By informing the school if there is any change in their address or telephone numbers.
  • By seeing that the children are diligent in their home work and lessons.
  • By checking school diary regularly and signing it when required.
  • By insisting on neatness and cleanliness in personal appearance and in their work.
  • By filling up the "Leave Record" when student is absent stating the reason for his/her absence.
  • By attending the Parent Teacher Meetings and induction programs organized by the school.
  • By upholding the name of the school, and collaborating with the school in whatever they may able to do.
  • By countersigning the teacher's remarks made in the diary from time to time and acting accordingly.
  • Gate pass for leave will be issued to the children in case of dire emergency only.

Parent's/Guardians are advised that any comment made in the diary by them should be confined to their ward's work and conduct only. No purpose will be served by critical interference entered in the diary in respect of teaching methods; such remarks will only bring the school and the home at variance with each other. However, If a guardian has any suggestions to make, the Principal shall be happy to receive these through a written communication separately. A suggestion box is kept at the school entry you are requested to write your suggestions, complaints in any language and drop it in the suggestion box. It is checked on the 1st of every month.

Criticism of teachers of the school in the presence of the pupil should be strictly avoided as it causes pupils to lose respect for their teachers with the consequent failure to learn from them. Should a guardian have any legitimate complaint, he is advised to see the Principal.

As the medium of instruction of the school is English, pupils should be helped to follow their work with ease and intelligence with regular conversation in English at home.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school particularly by ensuring regularity and discipline, by evincing interest in their children's progress and by extending the fullest encouragement to their ward to participate in all school activities. Parents should check. the school diary regularly

Instruct your ward to be careful about his/her belongings. A name tag should be put on their bags, bottles, sweaters shoes etc.

Parents/guardians/visitors are welcome at school. However, they are not expected to walk directly into the class rooms to meet the teachers or children. They can enquire at the administrative office and wait in the parents waiting area.

No visitors will be permitted to meet the students during class hours.

Parents should not request for unscheduled tests/examinations. If absent from a test or exam for any reason child will not be re-examined. If the child is not well, please do not force him/her to attend the unit test.

Kindly send nourishing food in tiffin. For this you can follow the snack chart given below. Please also send any one from the supplementary course, along with the main course.


  • Paratha : Stuffed/Simple
  • Roti or Puri with dry Vegetable
  • Idly, dosa, Uttapam
  • Upma, Poha ,Veg Pulav, Curd Rice, Rice with Sabji, Thepla, Dhokla, Meetha Daliya, Suji Halwa


  • Sprouts
  • Fruits
  • Vegetable Salad